PEAK® Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program

A 30-Day Exposure Therapy Program For Millennials & Gen Z.  

By Nino Kilotones

Hey. I’m Nino Kilotones. And like many I have fell victim to the inner-potential crippling effect of social anxiety. Although it took me longer than a month, during these 30 days I made crucial strides with PEAK® and over time I got to a place where I had no more anxiety. The first time you take PEAK® you realize what you’ve been missing. And so I made that state my goal. Now I can honestly say I’m at that point, and you can get there too. That’s what this guide is for.


Why This Guide Works

I wrote it based on what I actually, personally did to get over my anxiety. The truth is that any old guide, program, or method will work to remove your anxiety… AS LONG AS YOU STICK TO IT. There’s only one “secret” to being social, getting over fear, and getting good with people: PRACTICE AND PERSISTENCE. This is a practical step-by-step hold-your-hand guide to make the practice a lot easier and more fun and enjoyable.


How To Use This Program

This guide is structured out to 30 days.  On each day there will be a set of “drills” you need to do, usually only 5 of them. The purpose of these drills is to use proven CBT (exposure therapy) methods in order to help you “face your fears.” By doing this, we are breaking the social anxiety wall that’s been affecting your quality of life.


The Program

PEAK® CBT Program


Hey.I’m Nino Kilotones. And like many, I have fallen victim to the inner-potential ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 1 – Just Say Hi!

Today you are going to say "Hi" to 5 people.   Very simple and easy and ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 2 – Talk Loudly With Confidence

Today we're going to build on what we did yesterday.  You're going to do the same ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 3 – Asking A Question

Congrats.   From now on you're going to be speaking everything loudly. ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 4 – Making Comments

You might have noticed yesterday that at first, it was odd to just stop ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 5 – Spontaneous Commentary

Time to change things up.   You’ve got a bit more freedom today. You’ve ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 6 – Approaching People

Today will be the most challenging day so far.   Since it’s an even day I ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 7 – Spicing Things Up

This is the last day of the week and we're going to do something special.   ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Week 1 – Recap

He that has once done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another, than he whom ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 8 – Asking The Time

Like all the other days, you  MUST continue your "greet"  habit. Say hi to ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 9 – You Don’t Have To Say Thank You

Yesterday should have been an easier drill, if not easier than last week.  Today ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 10 – Directions To A Fake Place

Today we start "acting."   This means you’ll be approaching people for ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 11 – You Lost Your Phone

This is an even day, so you should be on PEAK® for this one.   Today you're going to ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 12 – Getting Free Water

Today you’re going to go into  5 different food joints and ask for a large cup of ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 13 – Charging Your Phone

Like yesterday, this day may take a little longer. But it's worth it.   ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 14 – Photos

This is the last day of week 2, where we make small and trivial demands of ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Week 2 – Recap

Last week was fun and amusing, hopefully. You did a bunch of things that are actually ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 15 – A Sad Story

Today you’re going to greet 5 people as usual,  and then STOP. And you’re going to ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 16 – The Flash Tourist

Today you’re going to go into 5 different locales (preferably crowded ones) and snap a ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 17 – The Gymnast

Today you’re going dress like your going on a run and go to  5 different spots in ...
PEAK® CBT Program


Congrats on getting this far. You should be totally used to saying hi to everybody now ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 18 – Excuse You

Today you’re going to go into a crowded store (places like Target or Walmart are ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 19 – They’re All Cute

Remember: Be loud and confident. Greet everyone.   Today you’re going to greet 5 ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 20 – Making A Complaint

Take out a larger block of time today because it's going to take a bit ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 21 – Spread The Love

Today is a fun day to end the week of "confrontation."   Yesterday we ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Week 3 – Recap

Last week should have been the hardest week for you. We ended it on a fun note, and that ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 22 – My Significant Other

Today you’ll need to download a picture of a cute girl or guy and open it up on your ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 23 – The High Fives

Hopefully, you had some laughs yesterday, and we want to keep that spirit ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 24 – Briefly Complimenting People (Again)

If you’ve been keeping up with greeting people and saying things LOUDLY, then this ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 25 – Don’t I Know You?

Today you’re gonna interrupt people.   Find 5 people either on their cell ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 26 – Put Your Number In My Phone

We're in the last 3 days of our program.  You’ve done 25 days of anxiety ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 27 – First Aid

Go up to 5 people today and say, "Hey, I just cut myself, do you have a ...
PEAK® CBT Program

Day 28 – We All Need A Hug

Congratulations! You made it to the last day of our program, and you should be ...
PEAK® CBT Program


All in all, you’ve learned how to ask favors, how to be a little demanding, how to talk ...
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