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PEAK® 2-Week Free Trial
PEAK® 2-Week Free Trial × 1
$56.23 / month with a 2-week free trial and a $4.95 sign-up fee
Subtotal $4.95
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What Other People Are Saying
High Quality, Low Price

Love this product. It really helps boost your confidence and eradicate stress! I highly recommend this product though, especially if you have anxiety or trouble socializing. I’ve tried several other products claiming to serve the same purpose, but they do not even compare to the quality and capability of this product.

Camila Hussein
Will Get It Again, Finally A Good Product!

I was very skeptical having tried other supplements. I've suffered anxiety and insomnia my whole life and nothing worked other than rx meds but feel medicated and goofy, this doesn't do that. I suggest drinking coffee with it to give a boost, and I slept so good, little drowsy in the morning but it wore off in reasonable time. I am definitely going to use it regularly!

Emily Leeman
Awesome Product!

Great supplement for anxiety and PTSD. Has a long lasting high, euphoric feeling, relaxed muscles without being too sleepy, has a good body high and head high. Recommend for anyone who wants a funner and slower life if life feels fast and too stressful, this makes time feel slow and more enjoyable to enjoy moments. 5/5 A+.

Sandra Jimenez
Great Quality Supplement

It's helped me so much ,but in a healthy way. I wish I found this product 20 years ago because self medications is the root of all EVIL. Peak has given me a clear path to sobriety as well as just a healthy lifestyle. Recommend highly 👌

Brian Pascal
Absolutely Worth Trying

This supplement really helps me to relax and in fact helps me to sleep solidly each night. I take it every day after work around 4pm and it’s like having a glass of wine.

Karen Stevenson
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We believe so strongly in our product we are willing to give it away for free! (1 Per Customer) We can afford to do this, because 9 times out of 10 people come back! We understand that you may be overwhelmed with deciding which product on the market is the best – so we want to make the choice easier for you.

We understand you may be eager to try our supplement. However, it’s not important to get anxious over when it will come in the mail. We ship the same day you decided to claim your sample – Monday through Friday.


By claiming a free sample you understand this is a free trial purchase and that it includes a subscription that autoships (3) PEAK® Trio Bundle in 14 days after the sample order is placed, then every month thereafter at 6% off MSRP ($56.23). You may cancel, renew, or pause at anytime.

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