Dimitri Tiomkina

Nurse Anesthetist

"...It helped get into a solid gym routine and I couldn't have done it without it."

— Dimitri Tiomkina


It's time to hit the gym, I love early morning workouts. Took my pre-workout with one PEAK® and headed out the door. Let see if PEAK® makes a difference.

8:00 AM

By Dimitri Tiomkina

Still haven't felt anything out of the ordinary. Pre-workout is kicking in. Put my things in my locker and started doing a few warm ups.

8:30 AM

By Dimitri Tiomkina

Started my regular routine with the bench press. Now, I'm starting to feel something. It's like I'm really happy out of nowhere. I feel focused and loose, if that makes any sense. My gym partner just arrived.

8:50 AM

By Dimitri Tiomkina

The supplement has kicked in. I feel so confident, I keep adding more and more weight to the rack. I also feel more talkative than usual. Most workouts I stay quiet and plugged into my music, but today I just keep making conversation with my partner. He noticed my mood and asked if I had just met a new girl or something. ?

10:00 AM

By Dimitri Tiomkina

Finished our workout, so we go to the sauna after. While I'm in the sauna, I realize how confident I have become. I'm usually very self-conscious with my shirt off but right now those thoughts aren't present. Now that I think of it, I wasn't self-conscious during my workout either. We just went in, worked out and I forgot everyone was around me. Laser focused.

11:00 AM

By Dimitri Tiomkina

Just left the gym. I feel great, refreshed and ready to go to work. The PEAK® really made a difference.

11:45 AM

By Dimitri Tiomkina