Laura Pollaski

College Student

"...I was feeling super motivated and wide awake..."

— Laura Pollaski


Just got back to the dorm. I was about to take an addy but I remembered today I was going to give PEAK® a shot. A little nervous, because I need something that works for sure. I have a big test tomorrow. Took one PEAK®.

4:00 PM

By Laura Pollaski

Okay, it's been 20 minutes. I definitely feel something. Going to make myself a cup of coffee and start studying. I don't know how to explain how I'm feeling right now, but it's something.

4:20 PM

By Laura Pollaski

Feeling wide awake. Coffee really helped, I feel really good like everything is going to work out. Usually, I'm stressing out about the test, but surprisingly I'm feeling confident. Going to drink another cup of coffee and finish studying these last couple of chapters.

7:30 PM

By Laura Pollaski

Almost done studying! I feel so relaxed but at the same time I feel very productive. Usually two cups of coffee would make me so jittery, but I'm fine! Feel super happy for some reason. I'm actually excited for tomorrow's test (weird). Going to sleep soon.

11:30 PM

By Laura Pollaski

Just getting up now. Slept great. Took a shower and got ready. Now making coffee and I think I'm going to take another PEAK®. My test is at 10:30 AM. A little stressed right now, but I'll manage.

9:00 AM

By Laura Pollaski

Walking into my testing center now. I'm so glad I took another PEAK® earlier. My stress is completely gone. I feel like I'm ready and know exactly what to do. Really feel like I will ace this exam.

10:15 AM

By Laura Pollaski

WOW! Just wow. I was the first person to finish the test. I felt so concentrated, just like I am on an addy. I wasn't fidgeting or losing focus. I just went in there, answered every question back to back and left. I've never felt like this before. I'm so glad I found PEAK®. It's so much safer and healthier than the stuff I was taking before.

12:00 PM

By Laura Pollaski