Vince Loway

Business Owner

For the first time... I was that guy, I was the life of the table. I kept everyone going, I was keeping everyone mood was just crazy!

— Vince Loway


Took one PEAK® on an empty stomach, was feeling nervous but I took just one and let it sit whilst I carried on normal.

3:15 PM

By Vince Loway

I feel something coming on, feel a little more relaxed (probably placebo but who knows).

3:30 PM

By Vince Loway

OK! Definitely feeling it. Started to feel kind of happy-go-lucky. I turned on some music and it felt like I was at a concert, music was so fun and sounded so good.

4:00 PM

By Vince Loway

I began to feel very talkative, and social, and wanted to go out and talk with someone, to anyone, about anything. It was like I had a little motor in my mind that kicked in, and suddenly I could go on and on about anything. I talked on the phone for about an hour with my friend.

4:30 PM

By Vince Loway

This is when I realized , I had little to no anxiety - about anything. Usually I am very self-conscious. It was like the decreased inhibitions that come with being drunk. I noticed myself becoming very confrontational and pushing issues that I would've normally let go.

5:00 PM

By Vince Loway

My motor coordination was still sharp, so I decided to go to the gym. This would normally give me anxiety, but I felt like I had nothing to fear about anything or anyone. I worked out far longer than normal, and talked to as many people as I could.

6:00 PM

By Vince Loway

When I got back I put a pizza in the oven. I felt like I could eat this entire pizza, definitely noticed a heightened sense of smell and taste. The pizza tasted amazing. I still felt extremely care free, social, and once again, strangely confrontational. Going to take a shower and get ready to go to a club later.

7:45 PM

By Vince Loway

During the shower I noticed an increased euphoric effect. I also noticed that I have no depressing thoughts. I can think about work and not get depressed. I also feel more driven to get things done such as sorting my clothes I I left in the dryer before my shower.

9:00 PM

By Vince Loway

Took another PEAK®. I read if you mix it with caffeine you get an extra boost. Planning on buying on energy drink on the way to the club.

10:00 PM

By Vince Loway

On the way to the club and I feel really excited. Usually I'd feel anxious, especially around women. But right now I feel amazing. The energy drink definitely gave me a BIG boost. Feeling euphoric.

11:00 PM

By Vince Loway

Made friends with strangers in the line. I'm talking to everyone! Finally we go inside the club and arrive at our table. Shortly after, our dates arrive.

12:00 AM

By Vince Loway

I'm cracking jokes, giving compliments, and my social anxiety has somehow just disappeared! My friends notice my high energy and love it. It's like I know exactly what to say and when to say it. Feel like the life of the party. Alcohol hit me way quicker too, so I didn't need to drink as much.

1:00 AM

By Vince Loway

Back home and I got lucky. ;) Everything felt 10x better. That's all I will say about that.

5:30 AM

By Vince Loway

I woke up and the first thing I thought was WOW I slept great. I'm was in a surprisingly good mood. I recommend PEAK® to anyone who needs a little pick me up in their life. Changed my whole outlook.

12:30 PM

By Vince Loway