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Your Anxiety Is Dangerous

OK. So, you’ve heard of a few different anti-anxiety supplements that were recommended to you by Google. Do you think those will really help? WRONG. You are about to waste your time and money. Just because some random blog article titled “Top 10 Best Supplements” told you they work, doesn’t make it true. This is probably the easiest way to get scammed. Why? It’s simple.

  1. Most of these sites are recommending ONE specific ingredient, when the truth is you should be combining several ingredients in order to achieve the maximum benefits.
  2. These supplements require you to take them daily for extended periods in order to finally “feel the effects.” What happens if that day never comes?
  3. Most of these websites are being paid to promote the brands they list. They get a commission off of every sale using affiliate marketing links hidden in their article.

PEAK® Supplement

PEAK® is a supplement that works immediately – 15 minutes to 1 hour after dosing, you will begin feeling a slight “buzz” and the effects will gradually begin to grow stronger. PEAK® is a “‘use as needed” supplement, unlike other supplements, you don’t need to take it everyday to achieve the full benefits.

What Is The PEAK® Supplement?

PEAK® is a supplement that targets the GABA receptors (similar to the receptors triggered by alcohol) in order to give you a  “social boost” and anxiety relief. It does not however, make you drowsy, clumsy, and careless. In fact, you will feel more alert and find it easier to concentrate. Making it a versatile supplement for any occasion.
PEAK® is designed to maximize you daily productivity and overall efficiency, all while reducing anxiety. The goal is not only to increase your mental energy and alertness, but to support the other important functions of your brain as well.

How Is PEAK® Any Better ?

PEAK® contains ten complementary ingredients that can help reduce your overall anxiety levels and make it easy for you to socialize. Reported side benefits include slight euphoria, auditory enhacement, and passionate urges.

What Are You Waiting For?

Unlock Your Potential

Nootopics improve the function off the neurotransmitter acetylcholine via cholinergic (ACh) receptors and stimulate NMDA glutamate receptors that are critical to the learning and memory processes. Futhermore, nootopics influence neuronal and vascular functions and increase cognitive function, while at the same time providing a natural source of energy to keep you alert, motivated and stress free.

Maintain Your Focus & Motivation

Simply put, it “wakes up your brain” and allows you to think efficiently, and act systematically, all while feeling relaxed. Only PEAK® gives you the focus and drive you need to work smarter, work longer and get the job done…quickly, thoroughly and precisely.

Supercharge Your Performance

Only PEAK® provides you with the energy you need when you have to preform at your very on a big test, an important meeting or through a long night out.

Stop Overthinking

10 Key Ingredients

PEAK® contains 10 anxiety eliminating and social enhancing ingredients that can help you:

    1. Reduce anxiety – both general and social
    2. Facilitate socialization and desire to socialize
    3. Increase the sense of well-being; euphoria
    4. Enhance the sound of music and overall sexual performance

What's Inside?

PEAK® is formulated by all-natural ingredients used in a synergistic conjunction in order to bring you the greatest benefits. With each ingredient having been tested individually and mutually with trial and error we have brought you the most ideal blend.
Improves the brain’s utilization of glucose, increasing ATP energy production.
Aids in the support of a positive mood balance, tranquility and relaxation. Known to help those who have a sleep disorder.
A natural antioxidant that helps manage anxiety and supports calmness. Known to increase cognitive function.
Aids neurotransmitters that prevent over-excitement to maintain focus, as well as supporting the function of the digestive tract.
An GABA derived inhibitory neurotransmitter thats improves awareness and concentration.
Naturally calms anxiety and lowers blood pressure. Women claim it’s muscle relaxing effects help them during that time of month.
Promotes relaxation and stimulates expressions of neurotrophic factors and anti-oxidant enzymes.
A naturally produced neurotransmitter, that supports a balanced level of brain stimulation and growth hormone production.

PEAK® Kicks In Fast

You only take it when you are in need of the PEAK® mindset. This works great for situational anxiety, as well as all day relief. The effects of PEAK® last roughly 4-8 hours .

Quality Protocols

  1. All our ingredients are chosen based on the strong empirical basis for their role in the formulation and their known safety.
  2. We take great care to use potent, high-purity, and bioavailable forms of each ingredient that are vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Ditch The Placebos

Combining PEAK® & Caffeine

Caffeinated drinks and energy drinks do a great job at boosting your energy – but what about the jitters and other side effects?

This is the PEAK® difference. If you decide to utilize PEAK® with caffeine, the proprietary formula works synergistically with the stimulant, allowing the benefits of caffeine to shine and the side effects to virtually disappear. We meticulously chose a group of all-natural ingredients and utilized them in proper ratios – in order to bring you the greatest results.


Here are a few of the unique uses for PEAK® that we have discovered , as well as other customers. Click on one of the following interactive stories to learn more.


These include:

  1. Studying
  2. Working Out
  3. Music & Performances
  4. Parties & Other Social Events

Boost Your Mood

Our Formulation Approach

We strive to provide the highest quality possible in every aspect of our products: the best science, the highest quality ingredient sourcing, the best delivery mechanisms, the highest quality information and customer service.

Complexity Science

We take a complexity science—the science of complex adaptive systems—approach to formulation.

Purity & Potency

We take great care to use potent, high-purity, and bioavailable forms of each ingredient that are vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Top Scientists & MDs

Top scientists in complex-systems modeling, neurobiology, organic chemistry, PhD and MD advisors contribute to product ideation, formulation and testing.

Full Transparency

We are 100% transparent. We publish the rationale behind our ingredient and dosage choices.

Research-backed Premium Ingredients

All our ingredients are chosen based on the strong empirical basis for their role in the formulation and their known safety.

Meaningful Dosages

We include meaningful dosages of each ingredient for their intended purpose in every product, while also respecting the synergies between related ingredients.

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