PEAK®: A Powerful Anti-Anxiety Supplement


Works Immediately, Long Lasting, Satisfaction Guaranteed. Goes great with your morning cup of coffee.

    • Supports Feeling of Well-Being
    • Lowers Stress Levels
    • Improves Mood and Relaxation
    • Healthy Mental Function

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Additional Information: PEAK®: A Powerful Anti-Anxiety Supplement


15-20 Minutes


Use As Needed Only

Serving Size

1 Capsule

Servings Per Container

12 Capsules


Rafuma Leaf Extract, Lemon Balm Herb, Chamomile Flowers, Ashwagandha Root, Beta-Phenyl-Gaba, Valerian Root, Jujube Extract, Gaba, L-Trytophan, Inositol


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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

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" PEAK has it’s own anxiety relieving properties so it works well...if you're somewhere where you can’t smoke..."
"Peak supplement is very active, and it starts working within minutes. It is one of the few supplements in the market which mix well..."
"...helps in calming down your anxiety and relaxes your muscles... can be consumed if you have symptoms of anxiety. "
"The PEAK supplement starts working in a few minutes... The effects of PEAK last for the duration of 4-8 hours... one just needs to take it when needed."
"PEAK contains 10 anxiety-eliminating and social enhancing ingredients that are highly targeted and highly potent. The ingredients of this anti-anxiety supplement can help you with many anxiety-related issues."
"...the supplement could be used in practically any case, whether going to the gym or keeping calm before an interview. "

Frequently Asked Questions:

PEAK® mimics GABA that is endogenously produced (produced within the body) by binding to GABA-B and GABA-A receptors in the brain.

Customers have reported:

  • Reduces anxiety – both general and social
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases social behavior and desire to socialize
  • Increases sense of well-being
  • Produces slight to moderate euphoria
  • Increases quality of the sound of music
  • Increases alertness
  • Increases cognitive processes
  • Improves memory retention
  • Increases sexual performance
  • No jitters, crash, discoordination, or annoying side effects Induces deep, restful sleep (in high doses)

One PEAK® capsule has 995 mg per serving. Upon waking up in the morning, on a completely empty stomach take 1 capsule of PEAK (If you weigh >210 lbs take TWO. Many users highly recommend mixing PEAK® with caffeine or another stimulant. 80 – 160 mg of caffeine is the preferred amount. This combo will make you extremely productive and creative, and if you need to wake up or tackle a rough day this can make all the difference.

  • 45 minutes after your first dose, you can eat some food if you are desire.
  • At 90 minutes to 2 hours after your PEAK® dose, evaluate how you feel. PEAK® can take long to start working in some cases, sometimes 4-5 hours. However it usually will produce noticeable effects in about 2 hours, but usually sooner.
  • If you feel NOTHING after 2 hours, take another capsule. 5 hours after your INITIAL dose, re-evaluate how you feel (and based on your plans for the rest of the day, night) consider taking 1-2 pills more throughout your day.

Do not exceed 3 capsules in a 24-hour period.

Two dosages taken all AT ONCE can be used for sleep. (One dosage may do the job as well, for either newbies or sensitive people.) Many users report that the sleep is incredible and extremely deep. Be aware that there may be residual drowsiness into the next day.
The PEAK® formula has been transitioned into a proprietary blend due to trademark and patent infringements we’ve had to deal with in the past. Several other entities have attempted to copy and steal our ingredient profile. Fortunately, these entities have been taken to court and are no longer on the market. Moving forward, using a proprietary formula is one of the ways we will be protecting our intellectual property.
If you are already taking medications for anxiety, we recommend asking your healthcare professional before taking PEAK® or any dietary supplement.
The reason we advise this dosing regimen is to maintain PEAK® at it’s highest levels of effectiveness. PEAK® is composed of all natural ingredients, and like a cup of coffee if you drink one everyday, one may develop a tolerance and thus the potency may seem to be diminishing. By following this recommended dosing protocol, PEAK® will always be at it’s maximum potency and work immediately when you need it most.
Please visit Delivery Information for more information.

10 reviews for PEAK®: A Powerful Anti-Anxiety Supplement

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Joey M.

    Works great. Helped me get over my “hump”

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  2. Daniel Acosta

    Fast Delivery!

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  3. Maria Burgess

    Been looking for something like this for quite sometime now. Just perfect!

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  4. James D.

    Works as advertised! Will be buying more soon.

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  5. Sebastian F.

    Honestly it’s a lifesaver! I recommend it for anyone who needs a mood boost on a gloomy day.

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  6. Kenny

    Good for anxiety.

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  7. Kierra Jackson

    WOW! I honestly feel like I’m on some type of upper. Love the stuff!

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  8. Steve H.

    You got yourself a loyal customer! Thanks for a great product.

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  9. Casidy Bernal

    Makes me feel great. Reliable mood boost for those annoying Mondays!

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  10. Victoria P.

    Life Saver!!!!!!! 🙂

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    PEAK®: A Powerful Anti-Anxiety Supplement
    PEAK®: A Powerful Anti-Anxiety Supplement


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